• How To Remove Paint Stains

    How To Remove Paint Stains

    Painting can be a messy project if it’s not handled properly. Drips and accidental paint spills can do major damage to flooring, clothing, furniture and even skin. As a general rule, you want to clean up a paint spill as soon as it happens. Unfortunately, this can’t always be done, and a dried paint stain

  • Summer Design Trends You’ll Want to Keep All Year Long

    Summer Design Trends You’ll Want to Keep All Year Long

    Summer is just around the corner. That means warm, sunny days and long evenings spent with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to update your home inside and out with the hottest summer design trends of 2015! Bring the indoor decor outdoors. Your patio is the perfect setting for a warm weather get-together,

  • Holiday Bathroom Decor

    Holiday Bathroom Decor

    Wreaths decorate doors, garlands wind along staircases and banisters, and Christmas trees sparkle full of ornaments and lights in living rooms. So what festive items adorn the bathroom? Holiday decorating brightens up living spaces and lifts moods with cheerful, bright colors and lights. The more public areas of your home always receive the most festive

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