Holiday Decor to Buy Before the Season Starts

We all know that if you want to buy holiday décor on sale, the best time to buy is in January. However, after the holidays, what’s on sale is all that’s left, and it’s usually picked over. If you want the best selection, freshest finds, and quality holiday décor, the best time to buy is before the season starts.   

Here are five holiday décor items to buy before the season starts: 

  1. Place Settings 
    Building an incredible tablescape for the holidays all comes down to the details, like matching sets and decorations. If you wait to buy place settings, you’ll end up with incomplete sets and not enough of what you need to set the table for all your guests. You’ll also have to sift through what’s left of the centerpieces and table runners. Buying these items ahead of time ensures you’ll have everything you need for a fabulous holiday table.
  2. Throw Pillows 
    Create an inviting space for entertaining this holiday season with throw pillows, blankets, and other accent pieces. “Gorgeous throw pillows with hand embroidered or beading detail can really pull a room together for the holidays,” says a Lakewood Ranch, FL, interior decorator. However, festive decorative throw pillows can go quickly, making these another thing you want to buy early. 
  3. Decorative Trees        
    Small decorative tabletop trees can be great accent pieces to use throughout every room in the house. They also make great pieces for tablescapes. These trees come in various styles, themes, and ornaments, making them a great way to add flair to your holiday décor. But the best quality trees are typically available when the season begins. Everyone else may be putting off decorating their home until after Thanksgiving, but if you start shopping before the fall holidays, you won’t miss out on the items you want. 
  4. Wreaths 
    Wreaths are easy enough to hang up, and you can put them on display before all the other holiday décor is pulled out of storage and set up. Depending on the style of wreath you buy, you’ll get more use out of it when you can leave it hanging for multiple months. Since there are many versatile wreaths out there, they may start selling faster than other holiday décor. Get your wreath early and hang it up as soon as you take down the Halloween decorations. 
  5. Unique ornaments    
    Yes, there always are ornaments you can buy on sale at the end of the holiday season. However, these are typically generic ornaments, such as colored balls and other filler-type ornaments, or ones you would never choose for yourself. Beautiful, unique ornaments get bought early, especially those with interesting details or handcrafting. So, whether you want to use them in your decorating or buy them as gifts, you’ll want to snag them early instead of waiting for those end of season sales. 

Start Thinking About Your Holiday Décor Early

Once you start to see holiday décor make its way into stores, this is your signal to buy essential items before everyone else does. You should purchase things like place settings and decorative trees early to get the quantity you need. At the same time, you want to buy decorative pillows, wreaths, and unique ornaments early to get the best selection and quality. When you’re proactive about your holiday décor shopping, you’ll have less holiday stress and more time to enjoy the season.