Kitchen Cabinet Updates: Colors and Hardware

Kitchens are one of top places for home improvement projects because updated kitchens can increase the value of your home if you intend to sell or improve its overall functionality. While completely demolishing and renovating the kitchen is a surefire way to make a change, you don’t have to be that extreme. A few updates to your cabinets can make a world of difference and improve the room’s overall look.

Read on for the best color and hardware updates for your kitchen cabinets.

Remove and reduce

Sometimes, less is more. If your cabinets feature dated hinges that have become an eyesore, consider removing and replacing them with shiny new ones. Or, you could modernize the look and use hinges that can only be seen from inside the cabinet. Another option is to remove your cabinet doors and opt for an open-concept shelving system. If that idea intimidates you, consider only removing the cabinets from a smaller unit.

Paint it anew

Over time, your cabinets will fade and chip due to consistent use. Consider repainting them in their original color to freshen them up, or if you want a totally different look, change the color completely. You can do two tonal cabinets with a darker color on the bottom and a lighter shade up top, or simply paint your uppers and lowers all one shade that contrasts what you previously had. Navy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for cabinets, as well as sage green. Both create an elegant and timeless look that is sure to impress.

Add new elements

If your cabinets feel boring and overly simplistic, add a bit of pizazz. How can you give your cabinets some character? Crown molding at the top gives them a nice charm and adds visual and architectural interest. Another option is to replace one or two cabinet doors with glass. When you have a see-through door, it allows you to create a display inside the cabinet. 

Update the hardware

Another simple fix — with a significant impact — is updating the cabinet’s hardware. Get rid of old, outdated hardware and upgrade to a new set that fits the look of your cabinets and kitchen overall. Brass and bronze are classic options and come in a variety of shapes. Black hardware looks great in a sleek and modern kitchen, while silver can add an antique flair. If you like a whimsical look, you can find unique hardware choices, such as colored porcelain pulls, says a River Vale, NJ, interior decorator.

Refinish and remake

Like painting, refinishing your cabinets is an affordable and relatively easy undertaking. If you like natural wood, this is definitely the way to go. Lighter cabinets are becoming more popular as minimalist design styles gain traction and can be accomplished with a bit of sanding and a light stain. If you prefer a more industrial and modern look, a high gloss finish is for you. The extra glossy look is perfect for kitchens featuring stainless steel and modern appliances.

If you’re looking for an easy project that will help you improve the look of your kitchen, go for the cabinets. Whether you choose to paint them, restain them, or swap the hardware or doors, there are several ways you can achieve an updated look in a short time.