Your Interior Design New Year's Resolutions

Are you one of the people who comes up with their New Year’s resolutions ahead of January? Or do you wait until the new year rolls in to start thinking about what changes you want to make? No matter which category you fall into, the new year is an ideal time to refresh and revitalize your home decor! Embrace the opportunity to create a space that reflects your evolving tastes and bring renewed energy into your living environment with these interior design resolutions. 

Revamp and repurpose what you have

Before you go buying anything new, give a second life to the items and spaces that feel tired in your home by revamping or repurposing them. For instance, a room with scuffed-up walls could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Instead of using the same color as before, experiment with bold colors or soothing palettes to transform the ambiance. You can also try DIY projects, such as refurbishing old furniture pieces, repainting frames, or upcycling accessories to infuse even more uniqueness into your space.

Declutter and organize

A new year means a fresh start. Begin yours by decluttering and organizing your home. This task can quickly feel overwhelming, so tackle one area at a time. Start with a display shelf or closet, then slowly work your way through an entire room, removing items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy. Instead of trashing these items, donate them to a local non-profit or have a yard sale — if they’re in good condition —  to bring in some extra cash! 

Add a personal touch with greenery

Is improving your wellness one of your overall goals for 2024? Resolve to include more plants in your home. Live plants add a touch of vibrancy to your house and help purify the air. However, if keeping a plant alive feels too much, you can still achieve the calming atmosphere greens bring with fake plants. From small succulents to statement floor plants, strategically placed greenery will complement your decor and bring life to your home, says an interior designer in West Palm Beach, FL.

Play with fabric and texture

A simple way to spice up any room in your house is to create visual interest and depth. You can do this by exploring new fabrics and textures. Consider incorporating soft throws, plush rugs, or textured cushions to create cozy and inviting corners. Or mix and match different materials like velvet, linen, or knits to introduce layers that elevate the comfort and style of your rooms.

Create functional zones

If you’re running a home full of adults and children alike, you should consider creating spaces that optimize usability and flow throughout the space. Define specific areas for relaxation, work, dining, or hobbies through furniture arrangement, rugs, or room dividers. Using these objects helps to delineate your zones while maintaining a harmonious overall layout. When creating your plan, make sure you designate areas that cater to your lifestyle needs, whether it’s a cozy reading nook, a productive workspace, or an entertainment area.

Though it may seem unconventional, coming up with interior design New Year’s resolutions can significantly affect your overall mood and how you function at home. Need help getting started? Get inspired by the ideas above and be on your way to a more productive and relaxing 2024.