How to Achieve Bohemian-Inspired Outdoor Spaces

Are you looking to create a cozy outdoor haven you can enjoy all year? Infuse your outdoor space with a touch of carefree, bohemian vibes. The bohemian decorating style is known for its playfulness, comfortability, and capability of being completely unique. To achieve it, all you have to do is tap into your creative side.

Here are tips on how to achieve bohemian-inspired outdoor spaces:

Embrace Natural Elements

One of the keys to achieving a bohemian-inspired outdoor space is embracing the natural world around you. You can do this by incorporating earthy materials like wood, rattan, and jute into your furniture and decor choices. Think vintage-style wooden benches with colorful cushions, rattan chairs, and macrame plant hangers swinging from the trees. The idea is to create a connection between your outdoor space and the beauty of nature.

Go Colorful with Your Textiles 

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your choice of textiles! Start by layering different colored cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, says an interior decorator in Arlington and McLean, VA. Then, you’ll want to choose the right patterns and prints, like tribal and Moroccan-inspired designs, to add a more global touch to your outdoor haven.

Create Cozy Nooks and Seating Areas

The heart of any bohemian outdoor space is the cozy nooks and seating areas where you can lounge around. For a relaxed yet chic appearance, scatter oversized floor cushions, poufs, and low-slung seating in one or various sections of your space. Encourage conversations and connections with friends and family by arranging the seating in circles or semi-circles.

Hang Playful Lighting

As the sun sets, the proper lighting can transform your outdoor area into a magical wonderland. With a bohemian theme, you can string fairy lights in the trees, hang lanterns from the pergola, or place candles in colorful glass jars on tables. Soft and warm lighting will create a cozy and enchanting ambiance for any late-night gatherings.

Surround Yourself with Lush Greenery

Plants aren’t just beneficial for their appearance-enhancing qualities; they’re good for the soul. And a bohemian outdoor space thrives on lush greenery. Surround yourself with potted plants, hanging ferns, and climbing ivy to bring life and freshness to your space. If you want an eclectic and organic look, mix and match different plant varieties.

Include Vintage Finds and Personal Touches

Scour flea markets and thrift stores for unique vintage finds to add character to your bohemian oasis. Think antique lanterns, decorative mirrors, and lawn decor. You can also transform everyday items into something functional. For example, a wooden crate can be turned into a side table. Don’t be afraid to incorporate personal mementos and handmade crafts into your space. It’s all about expressing your individuality!

Play with Patterns

Break free from traditional rules, and embrace a mix of patterns, textures, and styles in your outdoor decor. Try combining geometric patterns with floral designs and tribal prints for an effortless boho look. Remember, there’s no right or wrong — it’s all about what speaks to you!

Incorporate Water Elements

If you have space, consider adding a water element like a small fountain, a soothing waterfall, or a mini pond. The gentle sound of flowing water will add a calming and Zen-like quality to your bohemian sanctuary.

Remember, the key to achieving a bohemian-inspired outdoor space is to let your creativity run wild! There are no strict guidelines — just a colorful, eclectic mix of elements that resonate with your soul. So get ready to unleash your inner boho spirit and create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.