Celestial-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

The galaxy’s beauty has inspired generations of artists. Think paintings of the night sky like The Starry Night to delicate moon and sun pendants. And with many people looking for ways to mentally escape, it’s no wonder that the celestial aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular inside the home. If you have been thinking about incorporating out-of-this-world elements into your own home, look no further for inspiration.

Read on to discover the best celestial-inspired home decor ideas.

Far out bedroom decor

In the bedroom, celestial décor is an attractive option and can make you feel like you are off to another galaxy as you drift to sleep. Consider adopting a celestial patterned bedspread accompanied by a moon or sun pillow. For a more subtle look, use dark blues and purples throughout your room with occasional bursts of warm colors, such as yellow, orange, and green. For example, a navy blue bedspread coupled with a few pops of color in the pillows will resemble a primordial galaxy. For accent décor, frame space-themed prints, such as the moon phases or zodiac constellations, and hang them on your wall. 

Twinkling lights

While the lighting in your home is nothing compared to the bursts of light from stars and cosmic events, it is still crucial to the celestial aesthetic in the house. One way to bring the night sky inside is by using fairy lights. These tiny, warm lights, typically on a golden wire, create a similar look to the glow of stars. Consider draping them with soft materials for a muted, cozy take on the celestial aesthetic. For a more dramatic take on celestial lighting, sunburst chandeliers are the way to go. Prevalent in art deco, sunburst chandeliers not only look stunning but are a great statement piece in your dining or living room.

Spacey walls and ceilings

Celestial statement walls are a bold way to introduce the cosmos into your home. Sunburst mirrors are a popular choice and come in various sizes for different spaces and impacts. Moon phase mirrors are another great option and can look lovely as part of a gallery wall with other space-themed prints and artwork. Use other gold or silver pieces for a complete ethereal look. Using a celestial patterned wallpaper as an accent wall in your living area or bedroom is one way you can make a more significant impact with your celestial-inspired décor. Your ceiling is another great canvas for celestial bodies, and you can go beyond the glow and the dark star stickers from your youth. Consider painting your ceiling a dark navy and adding gold, luminescent stars for a gorgeous depiction of the night sky.

Bold bathrooms

Bathrooms are a great place to add a celestial flair, as they are often small, and a few details can pack a considerable punch, says a Morristown, NJ, interior decorator. Use dark blue hues throughout the bathroom to evoke the look of an inky black night sky. Then, use beautiful sunburst tiles on your bathroom floors or even the walls and shower. For your hardware, choose gold fixtures, which will pair beautifully with the dark blues and echo sunbursts and starlight. Use a galaxy or starry patterned shower curtain as a simple celestial addition.

Whether you want to fully embrace the night sky with a patterned accent wall or swap the hardware in your bathroom for gold fixtures, there are plenty of ways you can give your home a celestial touch. Reach for the stars when you’re looking for ways to incorporate celestial-inspired home décor ideas into your home.