Textured wall art ideas

Minimalism and simplicity found their way to the forefront of design in the past couple of years. Since people were stuck inside, they wanted their homes to feel calm and serene, which a minimalist atmosphere can provide. But now that we’re out and about again, it may be worth adding interest to your space in powerful yet subtle ways. One way you can do this is through textured wall art. Unsure what textured wall art encompasses? Here are ideas for inspiration.

Handwoven Basket Art

Carefully arranged handwoven basket art is one way to bring texture into your home decor. Though these pieces made of natural materials like rattan and jute add enough intrigue to the space as they are, you can elevate them if they are dyed, woven into patterns, or strung with beads. When hanging these baskets, you’ll want to place the biggest one in the center of the wall and then build outward. Doing so will create a natural focal point and allows you to play with the placement and sizes of the other surrounding baskets.  

Framed Fabrics

Selecting sentimental or well-loved fabrics to frame is a creative, eclectic way to include texture in your design. There are a wide variety of textiles, such as intricate mud cloths, bold tribal prints, and Aztec patterns, that not only have the ability to tell part of your story but can create a story of their own. When it comes to framing fabrics, a White Plains, NY, interior decorator says to opt for frames in solid colors that complement and ground the prints themselves. After all, there is no need to distract from the art.

Macrame Hangings

One of the most popular styles of textured wall art is macrame. Much like basket art, the different shapes, sizes, materials, knits, dyes, and decorative details used to create these wall hangings allow you to truly customize your styling. Macrame, in particular, is ideal for the inviting, free-spirited, bohemian-styled home but can seamlessly fit into Scandinavian and Nordic looks as well.

Paintings and Prints

Consider pieces with notably different textures if traditional wall art is more your style. These might feature layered brush strokes, detailed stamping, or a collage of materials and colors. You could also look for prints that have a 3D effect. Remember, there is no right or wrong when selecting art as long as you choose pieces that not only suit your design style but your overall personality.


As you hang new wall art, add more texture using picture frames from various mediums. From raw woods to patterned plaster to mixed metals, there is a world of different looks and feels just waiting for you to explore. Since texture is the idea, you could also hang empty picture frames on a gallery wall. When you choose vintage pieces or ones with intricate designs, they can stand alone as artwork — no photo required. 

Which one of these textured wall art ideas is your favorite? All of them are easy to curate and execute, so it really depends on which options work best in your home. Take inspiration from the ideas above and see what you create!