5 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Accent walls are becoming increasingly popular throughout the home, especially in the bedroom. Not only is an accent wall an excellent opportunity to introduce color and texture into a bedroom, but it does so without overwhelming the space. It also doesn’t require much work and can typically be done in one weekend. If you’re looking to add an accent wall to a bedroom in your home, look no further for inspiration.

Read on to discover five ideas for a bedroom accent wall.

Bold colors

The classic accent wall is a singularly painted wall that is a different color from the rest of the room. This could be the wall behind the bed in the bedroom, says a Larchmont, NY interior designer. While a bold paint color throughout your bedroom may look tacky, an accent wall is an elegant way to incorporate a statement color. Take a look at your bedroom décor— the bedding, pillows, and any art you have displayed. Try to choose an accent color from those items since they’re already present in the room. Doing so will help tie your room together and create a cohesive look. Be sure the other walls of your space match your accent wall tonally and do not clash with the color.

Stylish wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t just for grandmas. Modern wallpaper has far more options than stuffy florals and can make a fantastic choice for an accent wall. There are countless options for wallpaper, so try to figure out what kind you want. Are you into nature and greenery or geometric patterns? Animal prints? Vintage-inspired? Stick-on wallpaper is also an option that is easily removable if you are a renter, and you can put it up much easier than traditional wallpaper. Once you know what type you prefer, you can choose the best color palette to suit your tastes.

Rustic paneling

While paneling may feel like a relic from the 1970s, it makes a comeback in modern design trends. Instead of the typical dark brown paneling, think outside the box. Consider all-black paneling for a dramatic look or white paneling to make the space brighter. Geometric paneling is eye-catching and creates visual interest in your bedroom. Rustic wood creates a cozy atmosphere, while painted shiplap can make you feel like you’re at the beach. Wood paneling is incredibly versatile for whatever style best suits your aesthetic needs.

Gorgeous galleries

If repainting or refinishing your walls is not something you want to tackle; a gallery wall is a great option. Not only will you not have to paint anything, but you can curate the collection to create a cohesive and colorful display. Framed prints are a classic option and can be found in various styles, such as art pieces or movie posters. You can also display family portraits from different eras of your life for a more sentimental display. Small mirrors and other hangable knickknacks will create an eclectic look and allow you to display otherwise forgotten items.

Stunning statement

An accent wall allows you to make a statement in your bedroom. One such statement could be a wall of bookshelves. Whether they are free hanging or built-in, a bookshelf display will catch the eye and make an impact. Another option is a mural or decal, which looks stunning behind the bed. If you can’t paint the mural yourself, certain sites offer similar-looking decals that allow renters and paint-avoidant people to create the same effect.

If you’re looking to update your bedroom without changing the entire space, try creating an accent wall. The best part about the accent wall is that you can put as little or as much effort into it as you want. Use the tips above to determine which accent wall idea is right for you.