Wow, have we seen an interest in blackout shades for windows lately. Many of the bedrooms we are decorating have strong morning sun and the ability to darken or even completely blackout the room is a priority.

There are a number of ways to address this:

The simplest solution is a roller shade made with a blackout fabric. It needs to be hung outside the frame of the window to eliminate the sunlight, which can creep in from the edges.

Better yet, hang a drapery panel on either side to completely block that light creep.  Depending on the window and the orientation of the room, you might want to hang a board-mounted valance flush to the wall to eliminate any sunshine – or moonlight – from spilling in.

As with many things in life, room darkening treatments can be a compromise.  The 3-ply lining that is an industry standard doesn’t have the drapability that other linings have.  It works best with darker fabrics because you can often see a black stitch line when using lighter or loosely woven fabrics.

Post by Alexandria Interior Decorator Jan Bertin