Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

Longer days and warm weather mean more days and nights spent outdoors. So, an excellent home investment to make right now is to upgrade your backyard into an oasis for you and your family to enjoy. Several factors go into your dream backyard, including your budget, available space, and overall lifestyle. Make your backyard dreams a reality with these seven tips and design ideas.

Here are seven ways to upgrade your backyard:

  1. Upgrade Your Patio Furniture  
    “The easiest and fastest way to upgrade your backyard is to replace your patio furniture,” says a Prospect, KY, interior decorator. “Today, there are so many outdoor furniture collections available; it’s easy to showcase your personal style.” Think about how you spend your time outdoors. Are you dining, sitting around relaxing, or entertaining? How you choose to spend your time out there will dictate the layout of your backyard and the furniture you need. Maybe you only need a simple dining table and chairs, or perhaps you want a seating area equipped with a projection screen so multiple people can gather for movie nights. 
  2. Lean into Your Gardening Hobby  
    You can also upgrade your backyard by creating a lovely landscape with a new garden. Add flowers and plants to create a lush view. Maybe install a small fountain or koi pond for a Zen relaxing space. Not everything has to be planted in the ground, either. For visual interest and privacy, go with potted plants, like ferns and fountain grasses. For smaller spaces, try a vertical garden insteadIf you really want to test your green thumb, grow your own vegetables. A vegetable garden can bring pops of color to your backyard, as well as elevate your meals.
  3. Lay Down Pavers 
    A typical backyard upgrade is a deck addition. If you don’t want to construct an entire deck, you can add pavers. When using pavers, you can create a lounge or seating area further away from the house. You can even capitalize on the checkered design trend by installing pavers in a checkerboard pattern. A paved space also gives you a space to add an outdoor rug to help tie your overall look together.
  4. Invest in a Spot to Cool Off
    Though it requires a significant investment, a pool or hot tub can truly elevate any backyard. If you have the space, an inground pool will give you a place to cool off on those hot summer days. It also will keep your kids occupied and having fun while they’re out of school. For those with smaller yards, consider adding a hot tub. Though it won’t cool you off during the summer, you can use it year-long, making it a worthy investment. 
  5. Create an Outdoor Office   
    If you work from home, consider upgrading your backyard with an outdoor workspace. Have an old shed that isn’t getting much use? You can clear that out and renovate it. Placing a table underneath a pergola or awning can be enough for those who don’t have a shed or want to remain entirely outside. Make sure you can connect to Wi-Fi and electricity, so you can get your job done while enjoying being in nature. 
  6. Bring Your Cooking Outside
    Another significant upgrade to your backyard is an outdoor kitchen. Depending on your budget, this can range from a fully functional outdoor kitchen to something much simpler like a grill cooking station. You can add other appliances, such as a brick oven for pizza, a smoker for barbecues, or a Tandoor oven if you don’t want to commit to an entire kitchen. Consider adding a refrigerator, icemaker, wine chiller, or kegerator for drinks and refreshments.
  7. Protect the Space for Year-Round Use
    When you spend time and money on upgrading your backyard, you’ll want to extend the number of seasons you get to enjoy it. Adding outdoor heaters and weather protection can increase the use of your outdoor space beyond the traditional summer months. You’ll also want to think about lighting for when it starts to get darker earlier. Extending the use of your backyard to nearly year-round makes it a worthwhile improvement project.  

There are so many ways you can upgrade your backyard. No matter what you choose to do, any outdoor upgrade helps increase the value of your home and your family’s happiness.