Have an extra bedroom or space in a basement? Use that space to create a playroom for your child. Having a playroom provides your kids with a fun, safe space and a way to keep their toys and books contained in one room (though we can’t guarantee your child won’t attempt to take them out of this room!) Even better, creating a playroom doesn’t have to be expensive since all your child needs is their imagination.

Keep these tips in mind when creating your child’s playroom:

  • Make It Safe: If your kids aren’t toddlers, it’s nice to know which room they are in so you can get things done around the house. If you create a safe playroom, you can poke your head in every once in a while with the assurance they are having a great (and safe!) time. Make sure there are no cords that little feet can trip over, place child-proof covers over any electrical outlets, and secure furniture to the walls so it can’t be tipped over.
  • Make It Organized: Instead of having toys strewn all about the room, provide ample storage for your children to place their items in when they are done with them. Soft baskets or bins work best, as they won’t cause injury if pulled down. Label all of the bins, as this will help your child to find things more quickly while having the added benefit of aiding their reading skills. Purchasing furniture that has hidden storage, like benches or tables, is another way to maximize the space of the room.
  • Make It Bright: Studies have shown that kids respond best to bold, bright colors. So when it comes to decorating the playroom, your options are limitless. Rugs with fun patterns, brightly painted walls, and fun wall decals are all options to create a place your kids will love. Use eco-friendly paints with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to ensure the quality of the air, and use LED lights to be energy-efficient. Using gender neutral colors like reds and yellows creates a space that all kids can enjoy and thrive in.

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