5 Shades of Green to Incorporate in Your Home

In our technology-driven society, green is having a moment. People are longing to step away from their devices, unplug, and make their homes feel more relaxing. One way to do that is by incorporating shades of green throughout the house. Green is calming, soothing, and a grounding color that brings us back to nature. It is known to de-stress rather than excite and can revitalize since it’s associated with growth and nature. Including green in your home is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate your space.

Read on to discover five shades of green to incorporate in your home.

Sage green

Sage is a warm, toned-down green, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms. Consider using this hue on your bedroom walls for its calming effects, or incorporate it into your bedding or curtains. The best part about sage green is that it works well as a neutral, providing a lovely backdrop for different shades of blue and taupe. It also pairs well with light and dark woods, meaning it can look beautiful with your current furniture.


Blue bathrooms may feel overdone, so why not freshen up the space with a blue-green hue instead? Colors such as turquoise, sea green, and aquamarine look stunning as a cabinetry color or bathroom tile. When selecting your hardware, shower curtain, and other accent items, make sure you’re aware of whether the space reflects the blue or green color more. That way, you can decorate the room appropriately.

Emerald green

Plantation, FL, interior decorator says jewel tones are trending in 2022, so consider adding emerald green in your home. If you want to go bold, use the sophisticated shade in the dining room. Paint the walls for the most dramatic transformation, but if you want to be a little more subtle, consider drapes or a buffet table in the color. Although you can pair emerald with various accent colors, using gold hardware in the space can make it feel earthy and natural. 

Fern green

When you think of plants and greenery, you most likely see a fern green color. That’s why it’s the perfect choice for evoking a more natural and elemental vibe in your home. Fern green is an excellent option in the living room because it pairs well with many other colors, including pale oranges, blues, and other lighter shades of green. Aside from painting your walls, you could also consider patterned wallpaper in the shade or a fern green couch as a brand new focal point. You can also incorporate fern green in your decor. Think potted plants, wall art, and glass vases to fill your bookshelves.

Mint green

Mint green is a subtle but vibrant shade and easy to incorporate into your home due to its popularity in design. It works beautifully in the kitchen, where it evokes a feeling of freshness and vitality. Many kitchen appliances come in this whimsical shade and look beautiful atop a marble countertop. Or, consider painting your cabinets in a mint green shade. They’ll look stunning when paired with silver knobs, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Don’t be green with envy this year! Incorporate one (or more!) of these shades of green throughout your home, and you’ll feel cool, calm, and collected.