Unique Ways to Decorate Outside for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, which means many people will be unearthing the lights and decor for the season. If you have been using the same decorations and are looking for something different, it is probably time to try something new. Decorating doesn’t have to be boring or plain; in fact, you can get creative with your decor for any holiday this season. 

Read on to discover unique ways to decorate outside for the holidays.

Embrace Thanksgiving

In the course of the holiday season, Thanksgiving and fall itself sometimes get overlooked. To combat these forgotten seasonal moments, up your game when it comes to decorating the outside of your home for Thanksgiving and fall. A few haystacks paired with some pumpkins are a great way to embrace the season. Better yet — they can be left out from early September through Thanksgiving and are easy to clean up once it’s time to swap over to more festive décor. You can also place different-sized lanterns on the haystacks or leading up your staircase for a nice glow. 

Get festive with lights 

Nothing screams holiday cheer quite like the twinkle from a string of lights. A Dallas interior designer recommends tightly wrapping your strands around the base and branches of a tree for a professional-looking display. If you have multiple trees, consider using different colored strings of light. You can stick with seasonal colors, such as red and green, or all white if you want that timeless, classic feel. By doing this, your trees will look stunning and will elevate your holiday curb appeal.

Blend your holiday décor

If your family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah, consider blending your decorations for both. You can decorate your outside trees with Christmas lights and pair them with Hanukkah-themed ornaments. Or, get blue and white lights and decorate the outside of your home with typical Christmas fare. Another great option is to DIY a Hanukkah-themed wreath for your front door.

Think outside the ordinary

Many of us tend to stick to a theme or décor type while decorating for the holidays, but who’s to say you can’t branch out and have a little fun with your decorations? Instead of sticking to just lights outside or a few lawn decorations, try something new. Consider hanging lanterns from your trees or wrapping your columns in garland. Add burlap and berries to your mailbox, which is another great spot to place festive accents! Or, wrap your door in a big bow if you want to venture away from your usual wreath.

Remember the new year

Christmas may dominate the collective consciousness of the holiday season, but New Year’s Eve finishes the season and sets us up for the year ahead. Consider pulling out all the stops for New Year’s Eve with a unique holiday decoration set up. As a fun DIY project, find large numbers at a craft store corresponding to the new year and decorate them with lights or paint to display on your front lawn. New Year’s colors are often black and gold, so make sure you incorporate those colors in your décor, whether that is through a homemade wreath for your door or lights for the front of your house. 

The holidays are a time of festive cheer and fun. We hope that the above tips allow your outside space to reflect the holiday cheer you feel on the inside.