Let’s face it, moving takes time. As much as you’d like to instantly transport all of your belongings into your new home, that’s just not possible. There may be a time lag between moving out and moving in, and you may be faced with living in your current home sans some of your furniture or other important things. But you still have to keep your home not only livable but even a little bit stylish through all the chaos. Here are some helpful hints to achieve this:

  1. Keep Clean and Organized: Some have a tendency to make a mess when moving with the goal of getting the job done more quickly. If you stay organized and box by room, you’ll find that unpacking will be easier and your current home will look nicer as you move your belongings out.
  2. Wait to Take Down Decorations: At first instinct, one might think taking everything off the walls would be a good first step. Decorations are small and easy to pack. But leaving up family photos and other wall hangings can help maintain a homey feeling while you are taking other items out.
  3. Rearrange Your Furniture: Rearrange the furniture to accommodate your newly open space. This not only helps mask that your house is slowly losing contents, but can help even out the negative space in your room.
  4. Utilize Tablecloths to Hide Boxes: When you are packing your life away into boxes, it’s tough to keep them out of the way. The best way to hide those corrugated moving boxes in your living room is to stack them and throw a tablecloth over them, creating the illusion of a table.

When you and your family are living in that limbo between homes, even the littlest things like keeping photos hung makes a world of difference. Keeping your house stylish while moving might take a little more effort, but it can leave your family and friends feeling more comfortable as you continue with your life transition.