How to Create Privacy in Your Backyard

Summer is when many of us spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. While being outside and soaking up the sun is a seasonal favorite, privacy can be a concern, especially if you have nosy neighbors. If your outside area leaves little in the way of privacy, look no further for ideas to limit your exposure.

Read on to discover five ways to create privacy in your backyard.

Drape a canopy tent

If your outdoor patio is exposed, consider purchasing a patio canopy tent, which transforms your space into a sort of gazebo. Plenty of tents even have screens that not only keep the bugs out but deter watchful eyes. They are relatively easy to build, and you can achieve an excellent level of privacy within an afternoon. Canopy tents can also protect you from the rain and provide much-needed shade during the day.

Bring in bushes

A line of hedges is a classic divider between properties that easily provides privacy. Not only do hedges grant privacy, but they can be artfully trimmed and maintained, serving as a beautiful addition to your home landscape. Hedges also thrive year-round, so you can rest assured that you will be covered through the changing seasons. However, keep in mind that hedges require more work the first year and can take a while to flourish, so they may not be the best option for urgent privacy needs.

Plant a wall

If hedges aren’t really your style, you can build a living wall with an assortment of plants. Pair a few evergreen trees with different perennial plants or bushes. This combination will give your yard a rustic, natural look while also providing privacy throughout the year. Bamboo makes a great option because it is tall, provides ample coverage, and gives your space a serene vibe.

Power of pergolas

If you have a defined patio area and prefer to have a little more privacy, a trellis or pergola is a great option. Pergolas provide coverage without enclosing you in and give your space a romantic, ethereal atmosphere. If you desire more privacy, a Montclair, NJ interior decorator recommends filling your pergola or trellis with greenery, such as twining plans. You can also set up a vertical garden and hang your potted plants to create a lovely (and practical!) screen between you and your neighbors.

Install a fence

If the above options do not offer enough privacy for you or take too long to reach their full potential, consider installing a fence. Fences get a bad reputation for their traditional lack of aesthetic appeal but can look beautiful if you choose the right fence for your home. You can choose from various wood finishes or even paint your fence to coordinate with your house. Be sure the height of your fence is within local guidelines while still allowing for your privacy.

By following these tips, we hope that you can enjoy your time outside with peace of mind and without the worry of prying eyes.