Fall Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Fall is the season of stunning leaves, pumpkin spice, and searching for the perfect Halloween costume and décor. If you are itching to get into the season, your home is a great place to start. Now is the time to switch out your warm-weather décor and embrace the coziness of seasonal décor.

Read on to discover five fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Add a spooky setup

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to look tacky. Embrace the spooky season by including some in-theme décor items. A few plastic skulls displayed on your mantel or next to your table lamps add a subtle sense of spookiness. Orange twinkling lights strung around the room or draped over the mantel will add a ghostly but warm atmosphere to your home. To go above and beyond, drape fake spider web over your mantel or lamps for a whimsical and creepy vibe.

Fix up your fireplace

If you have a fireplace mantel, fix it up for the fall season. Fireplaces are often the focal point of the room, making it easy to showcase some fall decor. Consider adding vases filled with fall foliage to your mantel or a few seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemums. Another fun idea is to display a variety of different-sized pumpkins. You can arrange them in size order or randomly, whatever suits your tastes more. Add a squash or two for an added textural element, and your mantel will look like it came straight from a magazine.

Set up your sofa

Nothing says fall like curling up on the couch on a chilly day. Bring your couch into the season by swapping out your pillows for more fall-inspired colors and patterns. Oranges, yellows, and plaids make great additions to your sofa space. Besides color-coordinated throw pillows, you can also add a few with cute, seasonal imagery and sayings, like leaves, ghosts and pumpkins. Toss a throw blanket for added texture and warmth over the back of your sofa, and it will be fully ready to enter the season.

Pick out some pumpkins

Pumpkin is the flavor of the season, but it also works wonderfully outside the kitchen as décor. Place large pumpkins of various sizes in the corner of your room, or choose smaller options for your side tables. If the bright orange hue clashes with the tones of your living room, consider painting your pumpkins a more suitable color, like white or gold, and displaying them on shelves or in corners. For a fun twist, add a few mini pumpkins to your potted plants.

Curate your coffee table

Your coffee table is the perfect place to include a little fall pizazz. Candles are a no-brainer, especially if they have a pleasant, seasonal scent. Another great option is to display a vase of fall foliage or flowers. If you prefer a more organized look, a Cincinnati, OH, interior decorator recommends using a tray to collect your décor items. This arrangement will allow you to display whatever you wish in a chic, coordinated manner.

It’s not too late to embrace the fall season in your living room! We hope the tips above help you to decorate your home for the fall season.