Office Cubicle Decorating Ideas

After what felt like an eternity working from home, some of us are now starting to slowly return to the office for in-person work. Whether you dread the switch to in-person work or can’t wait to get back to the office, it can feel like a huge change and adjustment from working from your couch. If your office working space is feeling drab and uninspired, take some steps to spruce up your cubicle and make the office feel more welcoming.

Read on to discover ideas for decorating your office cubicle.

Set up storage

Your cubicle may feel especially small after being able to sprawl out at home. To avoid feeling cramped and disordered, invest in some office storage to maximize your space and improve your efficiency. Consider adding a desk shelf to store any important papers in one place. For pens, place them in pretty glass or favorite mug instead of throwing them in a drawer or on your desk. Use baskets to keep miscellaneous items together so they won’t end up crowding your desk space. With an organized desk, you’ll feel better prepared to take on the day.

Add some greenery

Plants are a perfect way to add some vibrancy to your space if your cubicle is feeling lifeless. A Pasadena, MD, interior decorator recommends plants with vines or spilling leaves to create a beautiful cascade of greenery. Succulents and cacti are other terrific options if you typically forget to water your plants, as they are pretty resilient. Be sure you choose plants that thrive in the lighting your office provides, as a dead plant is not likely to cheer you up throughout your workday.

Put up wallpaper

Although cubicles don’t provide the same wall space as a physical office, you can still improve their look. Putting up temporary wallpaper is a great way to add color and vibrancy to your cubicle without any permanent changes. While this project is easier if your cubicle has flat walls, it is still possible with padded walls; you’ll just need the help of a few pins. You can paper your entire cubicle or do an accent wall for a pop of visual interest.

Create a gallery

If wallpaper is not your thing, but you still want to liven up your cubicle walls, consider creating a gallery wall. Gather a few prints in multiple sizes and hang them on the wall. You can choose a few motivational quotes or art prints that inspire you or make you happy. Or, if photos are more your speed, print a few family photos in different sizes and hang them up. Not only will your walls feel less dull, but you will add the coziness of home to your workspace.

Improve your lighting

Office lighting is notoriously unforgiving. If your lighting or lack thereof leaves you feeling drawn and tired, consider investing in a light therapy lamp for your desk. Not only will this add some warm light to your space, but it will also help boost your mood. Salt lamps are another great option, as they provide warm lighting while simultaneously acting as a lovely piece of d├ęcor. Finally, consider adding a small mirror to your desk space to reflect any light and make your space that much brighter.

Going back to the office can be exciting but also nerve-wracking after such a long period working from home. We hope these tips help you to make your office space feel more cozy and serene.