Wreaths decorate doors, garlands wind along staircases and banisters, and Christmas trees sparkle full of ornaments and lights in living rooms. So what festive items adorn the bathroom? Holiday decorating brightens up living spaces and lifts moods with cheerful, bright colors and lights. The more public areas of your home always receive the most festive décor items, but there are ways you can spruce up your bathroom with holiday cheer!

Shower Curtains: Bring the holiday season to your bathroom with a festive and bright shower curtain. Whether opting for a colorful red curtain reminiscent of Santa’s bright red coat or honoring winter’s white beautiful snow, a seasonal shower curtain will bring the most significant change to a bathroom’s look.

Floor Mats & Bath Towels: Welcome your visiting holiday guests with festive floor mats and towels in your bathroom. Mix up solids and holiday patterns to create a cozy and comforting experience for guests who traveled to visit.

Soap Dispensers, Toothbrush Holders & Cups:  Treat yourself and guests to fun in the bathroom with holiday themed toiletry holders. Visiting children will love using brightly colored cups and festive toothbrush holders. Christmas themed soap dispensers are fun for the whole family! Find the best holiday themed bathroom accessories at The Bath Outlet.

Scented Candles & Soaps: Keep your bathroom fresh with scented soaps and candles. The brisk smell of fir or balsam scented candles will always liven up any space. Cinnamon or gingerbread bar soaps not only smell wonderful, but can also come in fun shapes and sizes.

Holiday Lighting: Add a strand of white lights around mirrors in your bathroom for added light and festivity. For a winter themed bathroom, use lights with snowflake fixtures on them. Not only will the lights brighten up the bathroom space, but also make great night lights for visitors needing to find the bathroom.

There’s no reason to leave out any room of the house when decorating for the holidays. Make guests feel special this holiday season with these decorating tips. The holidays are a special time, so decorating the house for you or others should always be a treat.