Reader Crystal asked Decorating Den:

“We have added drywall over old knotty pine walls in our combination craft room / library. The trim / door is all warm oak color , one wall is floor to ceiling bookshelves and there are large windows on two walls ( one is south facing …very warm in summer) making the room very bright during sunny days. I would like to paint the walls a cheery color but at the same time a little neutral /cool because of all the colors from books, craft stuff. What would you suggest?” 

Sue had some advice for Crystal:

How about selecting a soft pale green shade – a green that has just a little bit of taupe in it – almost a light sage green shade, such as Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Daphne. It would be a calm shade that wouldn’t interfere with all the other colors in the room, and I think would be a lovely backdrop for your room.  You didn’t mention what color your furnishings were, so I’m hopeful that a soft pale warm green shade would work out well for you.