Ala asked Decorating Den:

“I currently want to be an interior decorator(not an interior designer) and the college that I want to go to only offers interior designing programs. Should I take it or just take other classes?”

Decorating Den’s Ross Feltz had some advice for Ala:

First of all, we are impressed that you have distinguished between a ‘decorator’ and a ‘designer.’ Upon completion of your degree, do you think you will be looking to become employed in the field, or do you aspire to someday have a business of your own?  The answer to that question will help you determine what kinds of internships and elective courses you might choose. It might be useful to think about a two-year program that will give you the opportunity to get into real-world circumstances more quickly.

Those in the design/decorating field who are closest to the customer usually get compensated best because they are not only designing, but selling themselves, their designs and, often, the furnishings to complete the design. And every sales system requires ancillary systems for marketing, merchandising, order tracking and general business management that must be considered along with personal career goals and decisions. Hence, you might find it advantageous to choose a program that will enable you to take some marketing, sales and business management courses.

Our company has owners, for example, who come to us with varied backgrounds—some with interior design degrees. But they all find that our own design and business training covers many subjects not usually taught in design programs. You could see the practical side of that by visiting and clicking on ‘franchise information’ to take our virtual tour. You might find some of that information helpful to you.

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