Reader Dottie asked Decorating Den:

“The holidays present so many problems for me esp. re: the tree! We have a 3 year old new home with 12/13ft ceilings. My 6 ft. artificial tree looks wimpy & all out of proportion. I have tried raising it with a box or block of wood but no matter what I try it really looks rediculous. My husband refuses to purchase a taller tree – he has good reasons. It is so heavy that neither of us can manage to get it out of storage in our basement, up the stairs, set it up etc. I know a table top tree might be an answer but with our high ceilings that too just does not seem to work

I assume I could decorate without a tree but somehow it does not seem the same. What can I do?”

Decorating Den’s Calgary Interior Decorator Katie O’Dwyer recommends finding another spot for your average sized Christmas tree. One idea would be to place the tree by a staircase or in a nook so that the tree isn’t dwarfed by the enormous ceilings. You don’t need an enormous tree to have a spectacular Christmas feel in your home. Don’t forget about using garland and lights to carry the festive look and feel throughout your home.