When you’re a parent, you want your kids to have a room that’s designed to cater to their personality and style. As our kids grow older, their needs and taste in design will eventually change. Constantly changing your child’s bedroom design to reflect their age is extremely unrealistic – it would cost you a lot of time and money! Fortunately, with the right planning and a bit of creativity, you can design a bedroom that will grow with your child. Discover the best tips and tricks to do just that.


With a small child, those adorable beds that look like cars or fairy princess wings are too cute, but they won’t look so appealing in a few years when you’re shopping for another bed that’s not as “adorable.” When shopping for a bed for your child’s room, choose something with more design longevity as your kids grow older.

  • Bunk Beds – Whether you have boys or girls, bunk beds are a great idea. When the kids are young, they’ll love climbing the ladder and functionality. As they age, you can easily separate the bunk beds into two singles beds.
  • Double Beds – If you have a toddler, you may think a single bed or toddler bed is a good fit, but it’s not a good investment. Even with a toddler, invest in a double bed that your child can use much longer.
  • Day Beds – Day beds work great for small children. They are low to the ground and usually contain drawers for extra storage. As your child grows, the daybed can be converted to seating or moved to a guest room.

Look for finer quality kids bedroom sets in your detachable bunks or bed types that will offer quality modern designed aesthetics for years to come.

Multifunctional Furniture

Double-duty furniture is ideal for a child’s bedroom since it can be used for other purposes as your child gets older. Look for bedroom furniture pieces that can have multiple uses and storage.

  • Desks – When you have an infant, adding a desk to the bedroom may seem strange, but it can be a good investment. With an infant, a desk can function as a changing station. With a toddler, it’s a fun place to draw, and when your child starts school, it’s perfect for homework.
  • Bookshelves – Bookshelves are great in any room because they have so many uses. For a young child, bookshelves are great for toys, blankets, and clothing. As your child ages, they can be used for books, CDs and DVDs, favorite photos, clothes, and other endless items.
  • Storage Cubes – Whatever your child’s age, you can never have enough storage. Storage cubes can also function as seating and can be easily moved around the room. You can find storage cubes in all sizes, shapes, colors and fun fabrics.

Wall Color

When designing your child’s bedroom, choose furniture pieces and paint colors that have long-term design appeal. Instead of making a design statement with these things, do it with accessories like colorful area rugs, bed linens, throw pillows, lamps, artwork, and lighting. Choose classic finishes for furniture, inviting paint colors, and limit trendy décor ideas to things you won’t mind replacing. For more help choosing paint colors for your kid’s bedroom, contact the experts at CertaPro Painters of Chattanooga.

Creating a space for your kids that can be all their own, but functional enough to grow as they do. Stay tuned to the Nova Decorating blog for the best in interior decorating tips and tricks!