Did you know that the world of home decor is heavily influenced by the colors and textures fashion designers put on the runway? Interior decorators and homeowners alike seek the trends presented at fashion weeks across the globe and find unique ways to incorporate them into furniture, wall color, and accessories for a living space. Discover which trendy looks will make a splash in your home design this fall.

  • Fuscia. This darker take on last year’s millennial pink has become a favorite in the fashion world. Use fuschia upholstery on an accent chair or ottoman to brighten your bedroom or living space. If you’re worried about fuscia being too bright a color in your home, incorporate a pattern that features the pink hue instead.
  • Burnt Orange. An autumnal color that transitions into summer quite easily, burnt orange makes for a stunningly modern living or dining room. Using orange in your home décor has the same effect as stepping out into the autumn sunshine. Boost your home’s energy by pairing an orange accent wall with crisp white or dove gray.
  • Shearling Fabric. One of the softest, coziest fabrics can now be found on high fashion runways and couches around the world! Faux shearling pillows and blankets in neutral shades are excellent additions to rooms with vibrant pops of color. This fabric instantly adds a level of chicness to your home design.
  • 70’s Hues. From mustard yellow to tangerine and mushroom brown, various 70’s colors have started to see a resurgence in fashion and in home design. This earthy palette will work well in any room in your home. Whether it’s a brown leather couch or a creamy accent rug, these neutral tones can be dressed up with pops of more vibrant colors we mentioned!
  • Velvet. World-renowned designers are using velvet to create a variety of looks from bodycon dresses to loungewear. Welcome this trend into your home with a velvet upholstered piece for your main living space or a velvet comforter that creates interest in a master or guest bedroom. You can also find wallpaper that features velvet accents. Have it installed as an accent wall in your entryway or dining room for a luxurious look.
  • Burgundy. The lush, wine color is both timeless and trendy at the same time. It plays nicely with a variety of other colors, making it the perfect staple in fashion and in home décor. Englewood, FL painters recommend using this color in the master bedroom to add a sense of romance to your wall color, window treatments, or bedspread.
  • Iridescent. Runways and retail stores alike have featured iridescent clothing and accessories recently. This trend has carried through into the world of interior design, most often in the kitchen and bathroom realm. To work this style into your home décor, invest in iridescent glass or tiles to create a unique backsplash behind your sink or stove or a focal point in your master or guest bathroom.

Take heed from the world of high fashion. For help mixing and matching these colors into your home design, contact Svetlana Zaugg, a Delray Beach, FL interior decorator.