Summer is just around the corner. That means warm, sunny days and long evenings spent with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to update your home inside and out with the hottest summer design trends of 2015!

Bring the indoor decor outdoors. Your patio is the perfect setting for a warm weather get-together, so make the most of it with an inviting patio set that lets you lounge in style. Resin and aluminum are great material choices for outdoor furniture, as they’re durable, light-weight and unlike wood, wicker or steel, are highly weather-resistant. Most patio sets can be kept outside and enjoyed throughout the fall. When winter rolls around, wrap the set up to help preserve it.

Use natural hues. Celebrate as spring turns to summer with a splash of new color! This season’s trendiest paints are fresh, fun and vibrant, perfect for bringing the hues of clear, sun-soaked days, gorgeous flowers and lush landscapes into your home. For a subdued look reminiscent of the gentle light of dusk or dawn, try a soft, rose-tinted grey or pale green paint. Light green blends well with grey or yellow – look for shades which bring to mind the silvery green color of sage or a sunny grove of citrus trees. Another natural look can be achieved by choosing blues which mimic a cloudless sky, morning glory flowers or the rich hue of the ocean. White accents create a fresh, pleasing effect. If pure white is too stark, consider an off-white or cream-colored paint, which will work best with a softer blue.

Create an indoor paradise with prints! Patterns and prints aren’t what they used to be. Consider upholstering your furniture in miniaturized or over sized patterns, or tastefully combine large and small prints to create visual interest. For spaces painted in a single color, simple patterns are best. Use basic geometric shapes or flowing lines will soften a monochrome room without detracting from its minimalist appearance.

Incorporate nature into your furniture. When the air is warm and the sun shines brightly, nature is at its most resplendent. Mirror the outdoors with natural wood furniture, large potted plants, decorative stones and metallic accents. Brushed steel pairs well with blue color schemes for a cool, Nordic look, while bronze, copper and pewter add warmth and richness.

Welcome the season – open your windows! After a gloomy winter, it’s a relief to fling open the windows and flood your home with sunlight. But when the days are too bright, the air too hot or you simply desire privacy, use drapes to transform your living space into a serene oasis of cool and calm. To create a summer atmosphere, choose window coverings made from natural, neutral materials like bamboo and linen, or look for soothing designs, like watercolor floral patterns.

Turn your windows into a focal point. Sparsely decorated rooms often lack a point of visual interest. Create one by layering a large window with more than one style of covering. For example, plain wooden shutters with large slats can look wonderful when bordered by drapes in a bold floral print.

This summer, turn to nature for inspiration. Bring the best of the natural world into your home, and the comforts of the indoors outside! You can create a living space that reflects the most glorious of seasons and reminds you of its return throughout the rest of the year.