Lawyers work long hours, and oftentimes, the work doesn’t end when they leave the office. It’s important, therefore, to have a home office that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – a place that allows you to shut out the distractions of your home and focus on your work.

Keep these tips in mind when decorating your home law office:

  • Choose Dark Colors: Dark colors like brick red or navy blue create a studious atmosphere. Choose a large desk in a dark cherry wood with a leather chair to project a professional image. You might also consider having a comfortable reading chair for those times where you want to get away from your computer screen and do some reading.  Make sure you have proper lighting, as well, to balance the darker feel of the room.
  • Organize: Organization plays a major part in productivity. Cases involve hundreds of pieces of paperwork, and over time, these files can collect and collect until there is a mass of clutter and confusion. The first step of organizing is getting rid of any old or unnecessary paperwork. Once you’ve purged, organize the remaining files. Consider categorizing your files with broad topics like “Marketing Materials,” “Client Files,” “Personal Files,” etc. Utilize rich wood bookshelves and filing cabinets to clear the paperwork off of your desk. They’ll help keep you organized and they look nice.
  • Personalize: This is your space, so customize it accordingly. Showcase your awards or diplomas, as these serve as reminders of your hard work and accomplishments. Family photos keep the space from becoming too separate from the outside world. Plants and artwork can also breathe new life into the room.

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