One of the most satisfying aspects of being an interior designer is the ability to improve how people live.  Naturally everyone wants their home to be beautiful and comfortable, but sometimes it just seems impossible to merge the two.

It really doesn’t matter if the space is large or small; what is most important is how the space is used.  A large room with misplaced furnishings is just as uninviting as a small room crammed with oversized upholstery and insufficient walkway area.

The designer’s job in all this is to understand how the client wants the space to look, how the client lives and wants to use the space, and to arrange the space in such a way as to blend these elements.

Almost all clients have pieces that are dear to them that they want to keep.  Combining the old and new from both the aesthetic and functional point of view is both the designer’s joy and ultimate challenge.

The plan above contains specific objects which the client has asked be incorporated into the design.  Some pieces are suggestions from the designer for replacement items and include dimensions to ensure the best fit.

Accurate planning is particularly useful when clients are moving – a stressful situation under any circumstances.  Whether downsizing or moving into a larger home,  planning out the space helps the client decide which furniture to move or leave behind, saving shipment costs for unwanted pieces.  An additional upside provides the client with room-by-room diagrams to allow the movers to position furniture exactly where it is intended to go.

While not wishing to block the windows with the bed, the client was flexible about the other furnishings.  By preparing two plans the client had options as to which furnishings to retain.

By listening to the client, asking thoughtful questions, and using a bit of creativity, it is possible to merge old and new to satisfy the desire for beauty with the function of daily life.

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Post by Jacqueline Moyer, ASID, AIDP