In our travels this week, we have seen some pretty wonderful trees.  Fat and skinny, tall and short, real and wannabes – all decorated with love.

The traditional trees are full of ornaments lovingly amassed over time – in some cases, ornaments have been passed down from generation to generation.  They are an unmatched collection of family heirlooms and kindergarten art.  They have colored lights and silver tinsel, ribbons and bows.

The fashionistas among us express their bold styles even in their holiday decorators through colored trees and monochromatic lights – think purple branches and green accents and lots of pink tulle.  Color coordinated to your decor or favorite outfit, these trees are not for the shy or demure.  Cue the dancing reindeer in the grass skirt!

Some of the most elegant trees are lit with white lights and feature a collection of silver and gold balls in various sizes…understated bling!  Another version is done with white ceramic angels peeping through the green branches and again, highlighted with white lights.

Whether you have a version of the above or your own unique look, we at Decorating Den Interiors of Northern Virginia wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a peaceful New Year!