Are you a homeowner that prefers the use of neutral colors? Maybe you’ve been considering adding color to your home’s decor palette but aren’t quite sure about how to do it. If your home already features a lot of white or neutral decor, you’re in luck! This base color works perfectly when complemented by a pop of color. Discover some tips and tricks from industry experts on how to incorporate those bright, bold colors into your neutral decor.

Add a pop of color to your interior doors. One way to bring a small, surprising pop of color into your home is to paint just the inside of a door. This is an especially great option if you live in an apartment and don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall. Start by selecting your color. Use painter’s tape to tape off the sides of your door, and apply two coats of paint. Make sure to select a door that you can keep partially open to allow the paint to fully dry before closing.

Create an accent wall. If you’re feeling a little bit more daring, then painting an accent wall might be your best option. An accent wall allows you to make a bold statement without overwhelming your entire space. When you are selecting which wall of the room to make your accent wall, the experts at CertaPro Painters of Humble, TX recommend choosing a wall that you know you won’t want to completely cover with photos or art, but also not one that will be completely bare – accent walls really pop when accompanied by some kind of architectural feature. Whether it’s a unique piece of furniture, or the wall itself has an unusual shape, it’s important to carefully choose the wall that will serve as your accent.

Use color to dress up your furnishings. Paint isn’t limited to walls and ceilings! Painting an older piece of furniture or one that you’ve thrifted is a great way to give it a unique, fresh look and have it serve as an accent piece in a room. For example, a brightly colored kitchen table makes it the focal point of the room and a natural gathering place in your home; an old dresser becomes the center of attention in a  bedroom with a bold paint job and new hardware.

For more tips on color selection or incorporating color into your home design, contact C&J Interiors, a group of Conroe interior decorators.