With the official start of spring behind us, many homeowners have begun to focus their attention on the appearance of their home’s exterior. This is particularly true for those homeowners looking to sell their homes this year. Many families choose to start looking in the spring and plan for a move during the summer so as to avoid messing with their kid’s school schedule, which makes this time of year one of the most popular to list a home for sale.

If you want to list your home this spring, consider these curb-appeal boosting tips and tricks to shorten the amount of time your home is up for sale!

Update your front door. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a simple spring wreath, updating your front door can instantly boost your curb appeal. Your front door is the first thing potential buyers and passerby see, which means it’s an opportunity to showcase your personality. Janet Bertin, an Alexandria interior designer, recommends using a vibrant jewel tone on your front door, like navy or ruby, to help your home stand out from the rest on the block. If you’re happy with the color of your front door, dress it up with florals, like a decorative wreath or arranging potted plants around the doorway.

Spruce up your address. Your home address doesn’t have to be stickers haphazardly arranged on your mailbox. Instead, add to the appeal of your home by getting creative with the way your house number is displayed. Hand-paint your address on a decorative stone and place it next to your mailbox. Order decorative numbers and affix them to the siding or brick next to your front door. No matter what option you choose, displaying your address proudly and uniquely is a small but effective way of helping your home stand out from the rest.

Clean and clear your siding. Many homeowners take the spring to clean their home’s interior, completely forgetting to clean the exterior. Your home’s exterior is no stranger to dirt! The professional painters in Downingtown, PA recommend power washing to homeowners at the start of every spring to remove dust, dirt, and debris that has built up over the fall and winter. Don’t forget to clean your windows, too! You may have already handled the interior during your spring cleaning but give the exterior of your windows a wipe down after pressure washing is complete.

Clear up clutter. Like the inside of our homes, our landscape can become cluttered with dead or dying plants, shrubs, and trees. They give the appearance that you don’t care for your lawn, which can lead potential buyers to think that you don’t take care of the rest of your home. Before you list your house, remove any dead plants from your yard and have a professional company handle the larger obstacles.

Add pops of color to your landscape. Updating your flower beds with fresh florals is a quick and easy way to boost your curb appeal with color. Choose eye-catching flowers in bright, spring colors to grab the attention of home shoppers. Trimming your lawn is another great way to boost your curb appeal. Give your turf an extra boost of color with the right fertilizer and water regimen.

Tidy up the driveway. If you’ve owned your home for a long time, your sidewalk and/or driveway may have suffered some general wear and tear. From cracks in the cement to missing chunks of gravel, your home’s hardscaping may need an update before you sell.

Sell your home quickly this spring with these tips and tricks!