One always-fashionable piece of furniture is the incredibly versatile sectional, which are available in every style, fabric, and configuration imaginable. With many variations in arrangement, sectionals can be fitted to almost every room. Some space-saving layouts can work in an area as small as 6.5’ x 9’.

Nothing is cozier than snuggling up in the curve of a wedge, or more relaxing than stretching out on the end chaise.  No room for a chaise?  Combine a matching ottoman with a chair or sofa section and settle in.

Bring out a decorative tray and the ottoman reverts to a cocktail table.  If there is lots of space, add armless chairs or loveseats in whatever size works best.  Need an extra bed for guests?  Sectionals come with sleepers as well.

Sectionals function beautifully when used to define a conversational area – either by making a large U or balancing out an L shape with complementary chairs.  A crisp half square can nestle in the corner of a room providing maximum seating with a minimum footprint.

Modern styles come in a fascinating array of organic shapes, with curves and circles to satisfy the most die-hard modernist. Sun resistant fabrics and materials are available for outdoor and sun rooms as well.

Whatever the décor, there is a sectional to suit almost every room and meet the requirements of the most style conscious client.

Post by Jacqueline Moyer, ASID, AIDP
Interior Designer