Luxe Minimalism Home Design

Many of us are guilty of collecting decor and furniture pieces from different eras of our lives. When you have this type of collection, it can create a cluttered and uncoordinated environment in your home. If you want to simplify and elevate your space, look to luxe minimalism. While luxury and minimalism may seem at odds, they can truly complement each other and create a beautiful aesthetic for your home. Less really can be more, and removing excess decor and furniture doesn’t have to make your space feel empty and dull. 

Read on to discover tips on how to achieve a luxe minimalist aesthetic in your home.

Start fresh

It’s difficult to envision a luxurious minimalist haven if your space is overrun by miscellaneous decor and mismatched furniture. Before you get started on the design of your dreams, take stock of what you have. Does it have a place in your new, downsized decor collection? Does it serve a purpose? Have you collected one too many side tables over the years of moving? If the piece doesn’t fit with what you are envisioning, let it go. The less junk you have lying around, the easier it will be to create a minimalist aesthetic in your home.

Curate your color palette

A minimalist aesthetic goes beyond having less “stuff;” it permeates everything about your design, including the color palette. A minimalist color palette is typically rife with neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean it has to be flat or boring. You can incorporate a monochromatic style, using different shades of a calming neutral blue. Beiges and grays also work and help conjure up an earthy vibe. Your overall color palette should evoke a sense of calm and not be too loud or distracting.

Fine-tune your furniture

In a style that focuses on eliminating the unnecessary, the necessary components like furniture become even more crucial to the design flow. A Baton Rouge, LA, interior decorator recommends using pieces with soft curves and natural elements, such as wood. Metals paired with natural textures are a staple in minimalism, like a wooden table with steel legs. Consider using multipurpose furniture, which will decrease the number of pieces you have in the space. You want your furniture to enhance the room, not overtake it. 

Decorate with a delicate hand

Now that your space is clear and you have your furniture all sorted out, it’s time to decorate. Invest in quality pieces, as you want the space to feel luxe and thought out. Introduce a focal point in the room, such as a piece of furniture or wall art. The minimalist aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to be boring; it means you are thoughtful and careful with what you have. Keep in mind the space you have and try to play with the size and scale of the room: a small room would benefit from a single table and sofa rather than a few smaller tables. Everything should have its place and serve a purpose, whether it be practical or aesthetic.

Keep it clean

Once you achieve the luxe minimalist aesthetic of your dreams, keep it that way! Don’t let knick-knacks accumulate on your surfaces. Try to refrain from adding in too much decor, such as pillows and throw blankets. The simpler your space is, the better.

Minimalism is becoming an increasingly popular aesthetic movement in the US, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury and style. We hope by following the tips above, you can create a luxe minimalist aesthetic in your home.