If you’re a homeowner, you may have noticed a trend –  people are slowly ditching their dining rooms. It starts with the set up of an extra computer and the storage of a few boxes and before you know it, your dining space has been transformed into a full-blown media center! Don’t let your dining room become a thing of the past. These design secrets will help you revive your space into a dining area that you’ll want to show off.

  • To create a formal, fun entertaining look that is great for dinner parties or enjoying a glass of wine and playing card games, the secret is to keep things simple. In this case, less can really be more. If you add too many elements to your dining room, it can be too overwhelming. It’s better to focus on a few art or furniture pieces that stand out. Statement decor in your dining room can really give it a fun and unique feel without being too informal. Don’t be afraid to go with bold metallic colors, like gold and silver, and when it comes to lighting, remember to look for stunning fixtures that provide ample lighting.
  • To create a look of consistency and blend your dining area in with the rest of your home, the secret is to use neutral colors that are able to be dressed up. This gives the room a cohesive look that will pair with the rest of your home and the ability to decorate the space with elements that stand out. You can give a neutral dining room a comfortable look by adding neutrally upholstered chairs and simple place settings that include metallic tones. Avoid going too bold, as this can make the dining room stand out from other rooms in your home. Instead of bold colors, play with textures and patterns. A neutrally patterned wallpaper in your dining space can really add a unique touch without being too overwhelming.
  • To create a contemporary and open look, focus on a central piece of furniture, like the main dining table, and work other elements of design around it. This opens up a room to create a more central and open look. Custom-built furniture pieces work great in these types of open-floor plans and act as a centerpiece and a conversational piece. Once you’ve settled on your centerpiece, whether it’s a table, buffet, or elaborate lighting fixture, play will placemats and accessories. Avoid incorporating too many items into your decor, as they will become a distraction that ultimately takes away from the open environment you were initially trying to create.

Before you think about ditching your dining room, consider all that you can achieve with these design tips! Find a look that fits your decorating taste at Piper Classics.