A kitchen remodel is one of the most gratifying home improvements you can have done. All it takes are new cabinets, updated appliances, and a fresh coat of paint to completely transform the look and feel of your home’s kitchen. Regardless of how much you put into your renovation, once everything is in its place, your kitchen can still feel like it’s missing something. Nothing completes the look of a brand new kitchen like the right details. From wall art to accessories and hardware, the right décor will tie the aesthetic of your kitchen together and give it a that finished look. Discover the must-have finishing touches for your kitchen upgrade:

Accessories that are stylish, but practical. Consider the tools and appliances you use daily in your kitchen. Whether it’s a spice rack or a coffee machine, invest in the more stylish model. You’ve grown accustomed to leaving these items on the countertop for ease of use, but you don’t want them to clash with your kitchen’s new look. Look for options that pair well with the aesthetic of your kitchen. If you went for a modern upgrade, opt for the chrome appliances. If your kitchen features bold pops of color, a printed teapot would look great sitting on your new stovetop.

Wall art that brings life into the space. Look at the space in your kitchen that isn’t covered in cabinetry – is it bare? Too many bare walls in a kitchen can turn into an eyesore. To prevent this, fill these spaces with curated art pieces that go with the theme of the kitchen. Your wall décor can be practical, like reclaimed wood shelving that holds your decorative china, or it can be a statement piece, like an antique clock or colorful piece of artwork that reflects your favorite type of cuisine. If you have a large area of unused wall space, Elmhurst painters recommend using a pop of color to create an accent wall where you can display family photos and eclectic kitchen memorabilia. There are dozens of ways you can dress the walls in your kitchen to make the space feel cozier and inviting – it comes down to your personal style.

The right window treatments. While the kitchen doesn’t require that much privacy, leaving your windows bare can make the space feel incredibly exposed. To prevent this awkward feeling, use blinds or short drapes and valances to complete the look of your windows. It’s a simple but effective way of making the space feel more homey and complete. Work within the color scheme of your kitchen, playing with colors and prints that fit the motif of the room.

Looking for more tips and tricks on giving your home the perfect finishing touches? Sherry Compton, a Sumter, SC interior decorator, can help you bring your kitchen together with the right combination of wall decor, accessories and window treatments.