Are you and your surroundings ready to Spring into action? Let in the light and color! It’s free and natural to let in the light, and we want to use it wisely. There is nothing more appealing than a comfortable room bathed in natural light. There is a visceral connection between our surroundings
and our mood. The amount and quality of light is the first element that dictates those moods. LIGHT MATTERS and with that being said, here are some helpful tips of the season to remember when dealing with natural light and color:

  • Orientation & Colors. It’s always worth checking the orientation of a room in relation to the sun to work out whether you are likely to have a light filled space in the morning, evening, or for the whole day. Knowing which direction the light is coming from will help you decide what colors to use in the room to enhance or dampen the light. Opt for pale colors in light –starved spaces and stick to the neutral end of the spectrum for the best effect.  A North facing room will have a natural gray quality to it that can be made to look more dingy if painted brilliant white. Choose cool grays to warm up these spaces.Jewel-bright sunlit rooms can stand big bold shades of fuchsia (maybe even a big fuchsia plant) or topaz. Go with the colorful vibe if light is not an issue.
  • Windows. Consider installing a roof light to bring in additional daylight to a dark space. Install an internal window, glass blocks, or frosted glass panels between rooms to steal light from other space that may have access to light coming in rom the outside.
  • Window Coverings. If you can, and privacy is not an issue, leave windows bare where light is sparse. This will maximize the flow of rays into the room. Use sheer shades of muslin or linen where some privacy is required, but where you need to encourage the light, too, during the day.
  • Accessories. Don’t forget the flowers that add color! Add life to your lighting and emphasize the tie between your décor and the natural world by combining plants.

Post by Jane Sams