Whether you’re looking for romance, glamour, or a serene retreat, updating your bedroom window treatments is the easiest way to add decorative impact.

With the right window treatment, you can:

  • make a bedroom feel warm and inviting,
  • add softness to a room filled with hard wood furniture,
  • introduce color, pattern, and texture,
  • add height to small windows or low ceilings.
  • create or reinforce a decorative theme, which produces a finished look for your bedroom.
Bedroom Window Treatments

On Trend:  Layering Shades with Stationary Drapery Panels

One classic way to dress a window is with full-length draperies that open and close. This type of window treatment provides privacy and light control. To bring a temporary twist to this classic look, layer fixed drapery panels on either side of the window with shades or blinds. This solution is more budget-friendly because it doesn’t involve as much fabric.  Since many people have blinds installed when they move in to the home, you may just need to make the window more attractive by adding the panels.

Achieve the “pretty” with the panels and the “privacy” with the blinds provide. Hung from ceiling to floor, panels add height to make a room seem larger and the windows seem bigger.

Set the Mood.

For a sensual, luxurious mood, choose fabrics in silk, cut velvet, or damask. For an organic, natural look, choose fabrics in linen or high-count cotton. A simple way to get this look is to buy an entire bedding ensemble, which includes matching drapery panels.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Other options for dressing bedroom windows include:

  1. Natural woven shades – Available in beautiful materials such as bamboo, reeds, and grasses, woven shades have come a long way since the matchstick days. The selection of finishes – from light to dark, as well as the weaving style – provides a versatile way to bring nature indoors and add an organic element to your bedroom. Used alone or layered with pretty drapery panels, natural woven shades provide a simple solution that lets in diffused light while providing privacy.
  2. Fabric Roman shades – A great alternative to drapery panels, Roman shades allow you to add the beauty and warmth of fabric without breaking the budget. Roman shades are also perfect for smaller rooms that don’t have the space for drapery panels. They provide an elegant, tailored look, while making the bedroom feel warm and inviting.
  3. Sheers – Draped over shutters or used alone, sheer panels soften the hard edges of windows and impart a romantic, dreamy feel to a bedroom. Today’s sheers are available in a wonderful variety of contemporary patterns, colors, and beautiful embroidered designs – from vine motifs to geometrics to florals.  Sheers can also be layered under panels to provide privacy while allowing light to come in.
  4. Fabric roller shades – Any fabric can be laminated onto a roller shade for a unique look – from delicate lace to suede.  This option is a great way to add the look of fabric at less cost than fabric Roman shades or drapery panels. Use them alone or pair a patterned roller shade with solid color panels or patterned panels with a solid roller shade to add beauty and dimension to your bedroom. These shades can be made with blackout lining for maximum light control.

Your Northern Virginia interior decorator can help you make the right choice from the many options available to create a unique, comfortable, and chic look that reflects your personality and style. Whatever you choose, the way you dress your window will have an instant impact on the look of your bedroom.

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