It’s no secret that air conditioning units aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Tending to be bulky or large in size, AC units often detract quality from the exterior of your living quarters. Luckily, this is easily avoidable.

There are many ways to disguise the somewhat unattractive AC unit sitting on the side of your home. While many choose to hide an AC unit by utilizing small trees or bushes, leaves, branches, and debris from the bushes can creep into your unit’s filter, lowering the quality of air, and in some extreme cases, actually damage the unit. So, here are some alternative methods and tips hiding your unit:

Fencing: The most basic way of hiding your unit is fencing. Putting a small slab of fence in front the unit while still leaving enough room for future repair and maintenance is simple and cost efficient. Not only does this hide the unit, it also helps to muffle the noise coming from the unit. Add landscaping around the fence to create a unique flair to your otherwise plain unit.

Plant life: If you are willing to keep up with the maintenance of bushes and plants to ensure no damage to your unit, than plant life can be a great addition to cover your AC unit. Incorporate a trellis with a climbing plant (like vines) around your unit. This will not only hide your unit, but also adds to the wellbeing of your home garden.

Creativity: In the end, this is your house, so all of the creativity lies in your hands. You can use any type of materials desired, as well as strive for any type of preferred style. If you are imaginative, you even can turn your unit covering into a work of art and blend it seamlessly into your home’s exterior. If covering your unit entirely, be sure to have ways of removing the covering effortlessly for any Montgomery County AC repair company to access it.

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