As the summer comes to an end, and the stores are stocked with back to school items, I can’t help but reminisce about my most recent vacation at the beach.  Growing up on the East coast, I was spoiled living within a half hour from a beach, and would frequently make trips “down the shore” (as we lovingly called it).  I am ashamed to say… I took it for granted.  Now living here in NOVA, I am at least a 3-hour drive from any beach, without traffic, which is almost never the case here.

I love the sound of the waves as they roll onto the shore, the gentle breeze, the shells that wash up on the soft powdery sand, and the blues of the sky and water.  It’s so calming and serene… and I wish that I could have a place close to me that reminds me of that time, a place that can transport me to that ‘Zen’mood.  And then I remember, “I’m an interior decorator, and can bring the beach home to me!

I can transform any room to reflect the serenity and beauty that I love so much, and so can you!  Choosing a color palette of soft whites, blues and tans is a great start.  Using textures such as sisal rugs, distressed painted furnishings, woven wood shadings, driftwood accent pieces, rattans and wickers, and let’s not forget those beautiful shells that can displayed in many different ways.   Photos capturing those special memories at the beach can be transformed into pieces of artwork.

From a dedicated room to small changes in an existing space, you too can create that feeling of tranquility only found on the coast… right in your own home.

Post by Kristy A Falcone