Reader Josie asked:

I am redoing my bedroom after the passing of my husband. My color scheme is navy, silver/gray with pops of orange. The room has beige carpet but I want to add some color by using an area rug. Can I put an area rug over the carpet and if so any suggestions? My comforter is navy with silver/gray leaves (I have orange throw pillows on the bed and an orange throw draped over a gray fabric chair), the curtains are gray, my lamps have gray shades, and the walls are a sky blue. I so want a patterned orange rug to give my room the WOW factor. Help!

Dover Interior Decorator Deanna Kovach had some advice for Josie:

First, Josie, we are so sorry for your loss. When it comes to carpeting, there are lots of different rug pads, but one company we use at Decorating Den Interiors recommends a felted pad.  They have a standard and a premium one.  The premium rug pad is thicker and is best used under a rug over a wood floor.  When doing an area rug over carpet, though, a thinner carpet pad would be better.

Without seeing the room to know your style definitively, these two pictures (above and right) are options for area rug patterns that go with the color scheme you described.

Good luck!