When the weather finally breaks, a lot of homeowners are excited about refreshing and renewing their homes. You don’t need to make major renovations to have your home feeling shiny and new, but there are a few simple tweaks you can make to break free from your winter rut! Get your home ready for spring with these decorating ideas!

  • Update your fabrics. If your home features a lot of velvet, silk, or tweed, swap them out when spring rolls around. While these fabrics do work year-round, they can make a room feel heavy, especially when compared to the weather outside. Instead, use lighter, airier fabrics like linen or cotton for your throw pillows, window treatments, and other fabric accessories.
  • Bring in florals. Nothing makes a home feel more alive than incorporating fresh plants into the mix! Fill printed vases with vibrant arrangements of succulents, papyrus, or philodendron leaves to add freshness to any room. Opt for plants that don’t require much maintenance so that you only have to refresh the water every now and again.
  • Add pops of color. Accessorizing with color is a great way to symbolize the start of spring within your home. The expert Cape Ann painters recommend accenting with pastel shades of pink, purple, green, or blue. Metallics also work wonders, from gold-leafed picture frames to gunmetal table lamps
  • Give it a good clean. Instead of investing in all new carpeting, upholstery, or window treatments, schedule them for a professional cleaning. Doing so can give these items new life, lifting and removing stains and giving them a fresh, clean smell. The weather outside is renewing, so why shouldn’t your home décor?
  • Switch your furniture around. One of the most cost-effective ways to update the look and feel of your home is to rearrange the position of your furnishings. This can be done in no time and leave any room in your home feeling brand new without having to purchase new furnishings, lighting, or accessories.
  • Swap candles. The scents you use in your home are just as important as your décor. Pack the Balsam and Cranberry-scented candles away for next winter and replace them with light, breezy scents like Fresh Linen or Peony.

Welcome spring into your home with these simple decorating tips and tricks. For more help updating your home for spring, contact Sherry Compton, a Sumter interior designer.