Reader Jennifer asked Decorating Den:

I am moving into my dream home. It is an oceanfront Florida condo. The main room is approx 26×15 wide. I am going for modern and classy. My ? Is: is it a good idea(will it look upscale/classy) if I paint the long unbroken wall a metallic sheened silver, and then can I do the opposite wall a metallically sheened blue/green?

Toni from CertaPro Painters in Wilmette answered:

Congratulations on your new home! I am sure the view is amazing. Normally, I would say have 2 metallic walls in different colors would be tooo much, but I think you could pull it off.

I like the idea of doing the blue/green metallic wall on the wall facing the ocean. That way the walls can resemble the water. I would recommend Teal by Modern Masters. Modern Masters offers a huge variety of colors to suit your needs. They can be found at most Benjamin Moore stores.

On the opposite wall, I would use their Silver and keep it simple on the remaining walls by applying Benjamin Moore’s Icicle OC-60. Keep the color palette simple throughout the room, more white the better, and add accents of the teal.  Good luck with your project!