This week we received two submissions from readers who are about to undergo bedroom makeovers.

Emma asked Decorating Den: “I’m just about to decorate my bedroom french style with stone and mauve colours. I was planning on a ‘feature’ wall of horizontal thick stripes and was wondering if you think it would look ok if I added a thin lace trim between each stripe? Or maybe small daisy trimming?”

Sue’s advice: I think that adding a thin lace trim between each stripe would take away from the drama of the accent/feature wall.  Perhaps you could add something lace in your bedding ensemble – accent pillows, or even pillow shams with lace trim or a lace bed skirt. That would tie it all together.

Janet asked Decorating Den: “My ‘inspiration pieces’ for decorating my “Diva Den” are Dan Kessler art prints, “Rainbow Cats” and “Rainbow Dogs” . My upholstered pieces are taupe colored, the walls are a pale yellow, and the floor is a dark hickory. Sounds like a train wreck! Can you give me some guidance on how to select new color for the walls, drapes (large window), and accent pieces? And a little more advice on how I can meld these colors into adjoining rooms?

Sue had this to say: What fun prints you are incorporating into your bedroom makeover – all primary colors.  These prints are so vibrant in color that my suggestion would be to allow them to take center stage in your room, and select a color scheme that is more toned down so that this artwork truly shines.  Actually, I like the idea of a soft yellow wall, and the dark hickory floor combination.  Without knowing how truly large your window is, perhaps you could add some texture to the window with a woven wood shade or drapery, I’d suggest a drapery fabric in a color that blends with your wall color.  You could add some fun primary color trims and tassels to the drapery that would compliment your artwork.  I’d also look for an area rug in an abstract design filled with the colors in your prints and add that to the overall mix of your room.  As far as bedding goes, I’d suggest a solid color bed spread in one of the colors in your prints, and then add lots of accent pillows in fun colors.  Good luck – sounds like a really fun project!