Home improvement projects are a fun and often an easy way to spruce up your living space.  As a renter, though, it can be difficult to take on these tasks while maintaining a friendly budget or staying within the confines of your renter’s agreement. DIY home improvement projects are a cost-effective way to change the atmosphere of an apartment. Here are several do-it-yourself tips that’ll allow you as a renter to turn your space into a home.

  • Maximize the way you utilize space! Most of the rooms in your apartment or condo may be set up in a way that limits how the space can be used. Plan accordingly and make the most of what you have by finding unique ways to make use of the layout of the room. Adding shelves is a simple way to increase storage space without creating clutter on the floor. In addition, baskets and unique storage bins allow you to get creative while maximizing space. This also translates to the bathroom, where organization is key. Shelving and bins are essential in order to make sure your bathroom stays clean and tidy. Whether you are reorganizing a room or trying to avoid stuffing extra items into a closet, finding creative ways to store your belongings is imperative.
  • Use neutral color schemes. Think light and bright when it comes to wall color in your apartment or condo. Louisville, KY painters suggest using neutral tones in main living areas and bathrooms. In private spaces like the bedroom, you can get more playful and express your personal tastes through more vibrant hues. Regardless of the area, steer clear of heavy colors like red or navy. These shades can quickly weigh down a space and cause it to look and feel smaller than it already is.
  • Find furniture that’s multi-purpose. If you are short on space, it doesn’t make sense to purchase furniture that will take up an entire area and leave little room for movement. An easy fix for this dilemma is to purchase furniture with multiple functions, such as ottomans with hidden storage space. Coffee and side tables with drawers and shelves offer a combination of functionality and storage, while storage ottomans easily hide whatever you may need to put away without any indication. You can find many beautiful pieces that’ll in your budget and will help transform your home.
  • Let the sun shine in. Most apartments and rented spaces come with plain, boring window drapes or blinds. Incorporate a touch of personal flair by giving your windows a makeover with printed drapes and curtains. Find something that frames your windows and allows the natural light to shine through, which can improve your mood and the overall tone of your space. Sheer curtains with a simple pattern can instantly breathe new life into any space. If natural light is in short supply in your apartment, replace your light bulbs with ones that brighten your space and boost your energy levels.

Your home should be a space that makes you feel relaxed, no matter the time of day. These home improvement tips give you the opportunity as a renter to turn your apartment into a place that reflects your personal taste and design without dismissing your budget. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to transform your space!

For more design tips for small spaces, contact Angela Rowe, a Marion, IL interior decorator.