Faux painting is a decorative technique that creates a false appearance. As wallpaper became less popular, different painting techniques started being used to create the texture and appearance that wallpaper once provided. The faux finishes trend has become very popular in recent years and can create a variety of looks in a home.

  • Marbleizing – This technique is used to create the appearance of marble on a wall’s surface. To achieve this look, choose two colors of paint and brush them onto a wall in different sections, slightly blending them with a clean brush. Then, using a sponge, blend the colors further to create a smooth look. Finally, take a small paintbrush and a darker color and add veining to create a genuine marble look.
  • Graining – This is the imitation of wood grain on a wall’s surface. This can help cut the cost of applying real wood to a wall, while still creating a sophisticated wood finish. Graining requires two colors of latex paint, glaze, and a tool called a wood-graining rocker. This tool helps creates the desired wood graining as it drags through the two layers of paint and glaze.
  • Color Wash – This method thins out the color of a paint, creating a delicate look. A glaze is added to paint and then brushed over a surface using long, sweeping strokes. To achieve this look, apply a base coat of paint to a wall. Next, use a top coat that compliments the base coat, and paint it on in small “X”s. Lastly, take a clean paintbrush and retrace the “X”s made previously to soften their color and texture.
  • Ragging – This technique, also called rag painting, creates a texture on walls using glaze and a rag. Ragging can add a positive or negative texture to a surface. To add a positive texture, paint a layer of glaze on top of a dry, painted surface and use a clean rag to pull some of the glaze away and reveal the original color. To create a negative texture, apply the glaze to the wall directly with a clean rag.

With faux painting, wall’s can achieve a number of looks that are stylish and sophisticated without having to break the bank. These are only a few of the many methods of faux painting that exist. Use your imagination to create a unique look on the walls in your home! Contact Lexington painters for all your faux painting needs.