One homeowner asked:

“I live in a small but charming condo. The living room and dining room have an open layout with an exposed brick wall. I have always had a hard time finding styles/decor that work well with the brick.” 

Susan Sutherlin from Decorating Den San Diego had some advice: How fortunate that you have a charming condo with a highly sought after brick wall.  My first design instinct would be to head towards more of an industrial look; reclaimed wood, exposed industrial wheels on tables, stainless steel table tops, old neon art letters, etc.  Another option would be a more traditional look but a little more modern; in the business we call this a transitional style.  Another great option for “small charming” interiors is to use lots of mirrors, putting them across from a window is always a great way to bring in more light and feeling of more space.   What I would avoid in the rooms with exposed brick would be busy fabric, try and use plain fabric or fabric that has a different scale of a pattern that that of the bricks.