How to Design a Home Space for Entertaining

Large gatherings may feel like a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay home watching Netflix alone. Think about creating a space that is welcoming and fit for entertaining small groups at your house. If your home is lacking a cohesive space to entertain friends and family, look no further. Here are tips on how to create five different areas for entertaining at home.

Killer kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of a house: it’s where the food is! If your kitchen doesn’t feel like a place to gather, you have limitless options for improvement. If your space allows it, consider adding an island so that guests can gather and chat while you do the cooking. You may also want to replace your cabinets with glass cabinets to show off your china and dishware. Another fun design element could be a wet bar: a space to store all of your favorite beverages and glassware.

Divine dining

Dining rooms are often underutilized, mistakenly so. The first step to creating a dining room that’s perfect for entertaining is choosing a table that fits the size of the gatherings you usually hold. No one wants to be cramped next to people struggling to get the butter, nor do they want to be two feet away from the nearest guest. If you lack space, benches are a great option that comfortably fit multiple people without the bulk of individual chairs. You may also want to have a buffet to store extra plates, utensils, and glassware so that you don’t need to get up from the table mid-meal continually.

Beautiful basements

Basement redesigns are especially popular amongst families with children, as they can serve as an extra living room. If you have kids, consider transforming your basement into their personal hang-out area. You can include games, such as ping pong or pool, and an entertainment center for movie nights. If you want your basement to be more of an adult-oriented space, consider adding a wet bar, so guests don’t have to trudge upstairs to refill. Add some comfy seating, and you have all the makings for a wonderful evening watching movies or catching up over a few cocktails.

Lovely living rooms

The living room is the traditional gathering space for entertaining and could always use an upgrade. Seating here is crucial: you want to have a lot of it! A sectional is always welcome for cozy evenings, but you can also include a few chairs and ottomans. A Fulton, MD, interior decorator recommends keeping the room’s flow in mind, ensuring there is space to talk and interact while sitting and standing. 

Outdoor oasis

As the weather warms, entertaining outside becomes almost irresistible. A table and some chairs might be all you need to host guests outdoors, but there are additions you can incorporate that will make your house the place to be. Fire pits are a crowd-pleaser, especially if you live somewhere where the temperature drops significantly once the sun goes down. If your outdoor space isn’t screened in, consider adding a canopy tent, which would provide cover from weather and bugs. Outdoor games are also a fun addition to any party and keep guests entertained for hours.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. By following the tips above, you can create an entertaining space that provides hours of quality fun with friends and family.