Carpet is probably the most popular option when it comes to home flooring, as it provides a comfortable, decorative, nonslip surface. It is also extremely versatile, matching any décor since it’s available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Still, if left unmaintained your carpet can easily become an eyesore rather than a beautiful aesthetic element. Follow these tips to help keep your carpet long lasting and looking good:

Vacuum. While this may seem obvious, carpet should be vacuumed twice a week in high traffic areas, like hallways and stairs. Areas with less traffic can be vacuumed once a week to maintain their appearance. Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis will help ensure it looks the way you intended.

Steam. Have your carpet steam cleaned once every six months or once every three months if you have pets. Steam cleaning will bring up any soils that have become rooted in the fibers of the carpet that vacuuming simply can’t get out. Steam cleaning will bring back the original color and brightness of the carpet.

Spot Treatment. Take care of spills immediately. Do not rub the spill in, as this will spread it to a larger area and result in a larger stain. It is important to blot the spill before you use a cleaning solution on it. Apply a spot cleaner to the stain from the outside in, working to the center of the spill the entire time to avoid spreading. Blot the moisture up with a white towel, or if it was a heavy spill, stack a pile of white towels over it and stand on them for a few minutes to soak up the moisture.

Use Runners. High traffic areas tend to show wear and tear more quickly so consider investing in carpet runners, which usually have more padding, making them able to handle more use and heavier traffic.

Thanks to their comfort, aesthetics, and insulating properties, Framingham carpets are a popular choice for home flooring. With these tips you can keep your carpet looking fresh for a long time.

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