Many of my clients need window coverings that provide privacy and light control, but many are disappointed with the selection at blinds and shades stores. They want a unique look that expresses their style and personality—something not easy to achieve with wood blinds and honeycomb shades.

Fabric Roman shades provide a simple, tailored look that can:

  • Make a room feel warm and inviting
  • Soften the look of hard window edges
  • Add vitality with color, pattern, and texture
  • Pull a color scheme together for a more finished look

Used alone or as part of a layered look with draperies, Fabric Roman shades provide privacy and light control while offering a unique alternative to run-of-the-mill blinds and shades.Fabric shades are perfect for situations in which draperies may not be the best solution, such as small rooms, multiple windows in a row or in a corner, windows where you don’t want to hide the architecture, or when draperies are simply not in the budget.

When you work with an interior decorator, the fabric selection is limitless. Personalize a design with details such as contrasting fabric around the edges, a glass bead fringe, or tassels. Your interior decorator can also help you select the right style Roman shade for your room—whether  a more formal London, the casual look of a relaxed Roman, or a hobbled design that retains its pretty folds even when lowered.

Fabric Roman shades offer the best of all worlds – a beautiful look, functional utility, easy operation, and classic design. After all, they’ve been around since Roman times!

Patti Frasier
Interior Decorator/Owner
Decorating Den Interiors