Customizing Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Do you still have plastic or metal vertical blinds on your sliding glass doors?

Do your window treatments need updating?

Vertical window treatments have come a long way since their beginnings in the 1960s. Today, there are so many options available for stylish, functional vertical designs that coordinate with and enhance your room décor.  Here are just a few of the elegant options available for sliding glass doors:

  • Honeycomb vertical shades. Made in translucent fabrics in almost any color, these simple shades have sleek, contemporary lines and provide insulation from heat and cold.
  • Natural woven wood shades. Bring the beauty of nature indoors for a casual, comfortable feel with natural, woven, wood shades. Customize these window treatments by using an open weave pattern to really let the light in, or opt for the lined weave for privacy and light control.
  • Sheers. A chic, sophisticated look, sheers give you the privacy of draperies while letting in the daylight. Translucent sheers are combined with soft vanes that rotate for privacy and light control.
  • Contoured draperies. A modern take on traditional draperies, contoured drapery features long, soft folds molded to the shape of the door to create a tailored backdrop for your room.
  • Gliding panels. Fabric mounted on vertical, gliding panels stack tightly for optimum view or close to show rich fabrics and texture. This fashionable option is perfect for urban settings.
  • Shadings. Soft fabric vanes are suspended between two layers of sheer fabric to give your room a luminous, romantic glow. The vanes can be tilted for privacy.
  • Draperies. A timeless treatment, draperies can either traverse from the center or from one side with a single panel. You can even combine pretty stationary panels with a vertical shade for a finished appearance.

Vertical blinds are still an excellent choice for sound absorption and translucency that you can customize with an attractive range of colors, textures, patterns, and even materials such as wood.

Your interior decorator can help you decide what is right for your needs and your room style.

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  1. Stephanie -  August 4, 2011 - 4:27 pm

    I love the draperies idea for spicing up sliding glass doors. Those are fun because they can be changed up depending on the season, your style, or whatever you want. They are also fun DIY projects. Another idea I have gone with is adding door awnings above my sliding glass doors. It’s amazing how awnings can spice up any entryway or door!


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