Accessories: Do You Have an Accessory Decorating Plan?

19454_accMore than anything else in your home, your accessories give each and every room a little bit of your personality!  Without them, you only have the setting for a model room in a model home in Northern Virginia.   Accessories make each room come alive and allow you to add the perfect accent color to achieve your desired color scheme.  There’s nothing better to help you reflect your tastes and those of your family.  Accessories give that touch you need in order to create the perfect ambience for your home.  Simply stated, a home without accessories is like food without seasonings! Like seasoning, accessories should be in the right amount and the right color.

Accessories trigger dreams. When you look at the oil reproduction featuring a hand applied brushstroke finish with a frame that is made of hand forged and hand hammered metal finish, it would remind you of a “chateau.” Well, wouldn’t that glass of wine you are enjoying taste even better in your own chateau?

If you like to add a sophisticated, slightly metallic touch to a transitional or contemporary room, this vase with random silver leafing in colors of sandy beige and a mocha glaze could be the perfect accent.

Decorative Accessories

Maybe you live in an apartment in Washington DC and would love to have a touch of neoclassical beauty in your living room on your coffee table or your étagère. Wouldn’t this octagonal crystal and antiqued brass box match the sparkling lights of the city?

7084_LAcquiring accessories is truly a never-ending delight.  Whenever and wherever you see something that grabs your eye or catches your attention, acquire it if possible, because it will give you never ending pleasure every time you look at it.Do you need a blue accent? This round hand-blown blue and gold Venetian glass bowl exudes elegance. A piece made in the legendary Murano, Italy, would remind you of that trip to Venice you took with your husband a few years back.

Ardent collectors of one type of object often purchase them without any thought of what to do with these treasures afterwards.  Here are a few ideas of how these precious treasures can be incorporated into a decorative accessory plan for your home.

  • Small artistic objects are most effective when arranged in groups of odd numbered pieces
  • Blocks of wood – or old books can be used to achieve varying degrees of height as you place your accessories
  • Silk plants can be an imaginative addition to an accessory plan
  • It’s not necessary for groupings to consist of similar elements.
  • Old fashioned family portrait photographs are not out of place in a sophisticated room, when grouped in a variety of interesting frames.

Above all, let your imagination soar as you place your precious accessories.  By adding this “spice” to your design plan, you’ll be sure to add the decorative finishing touches each room craves. Accessories are the jewelry of your home. They reflect you more than anything else in your home, thus they should be carefully selected. Are you ready to choose the right diamond for your room?

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