5 Ways to Use Navy Blue in Your Home

Navy blue is a timeless color that works beautifully throughout the home. It can be used as an attractive alternative to black. If you’ve been interested in incorporating navy into your home and decor but aren’t sure how, we talked to some professional painters to get their advice. Read on to discover five ways to use navy blue in your home.


If you really want to hop on the navy train, consider painting your walls. A navy accent wall is a good option if you’re concerned about your room looking too dark. It works beautifully in places that receive a lot of natural light and can also add depth to a smaller room. Navy also works well as part of a two-toned wall, according to professional commercial and house painters in Durham, NC. You can use it as the grounding bottom color or the top color.


There are many ways to use navy as a statement or accent in your home. Consider using the shade on your railings or door frames. Or you could place a statement piece of navy furniture, like a sofa, in a muted room. You can also use navy patterned pillows or a navy rug to bring the color into your home in a subtle way. If you paint your walls in the blue hue, navy accents can tie different areas of your home together. But they also work with many color themes. 


Navy in the kitchen never fails to impress. Dark navy cabinets look beautiful in the kitchen and offer a more interesting alternative to black cabinets. If you don’t want to paint all of your kitchen cabinets in the shade, you can choose to paint only the top or bottom set of cabinets. The other set can remain a light or neutral color, such as white or light gray. Navy cabinets work exceptionally well with marble countertops since they provide a pop of color in contrast to the white marble.


Cabinets aren’t the only place you can incorporate navy in your kitchen. If you’ve been considering upgrading your backsplash, consider using navy tile. A tiled backsplash is an excellent way to add navy to your kitchen without overwhelming it. You don’t have to choose one shade of navy, either; a backsplash made up of different shades of navy and other blues looks like a stunning mosaic and makes your space more unique. Try to keep your cabinets a more muted color to really let the navy backsplash shine.


While a blue bathroom is nothing revolutionary, navy brings an elegance to this tried and true trend. You can bring in navy by replacing your flooring with a navy tile pattern. If you don’t want to replace your floors, navy wall tiles work just as well. Even easier, you can repaint any cabinetry or vanity in your bathroom. Whatever you choose to do, a navy bathroom is sure to impress and create a sense of tranquility.

Navy is a neutral color that can work wonderfully throughout your home. If you’ve wanted to incorporate this classic color in your home, we hope the ideas above have inspired and helped you.

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